3-8-14 Podcast

Another waste of 100 minutes is up, we talk about the missing plane, listen to our first voicemail, discuss any scams we were a part of, cover bands, facebook, driving, and I forget the rest… which is great because we just finished recording and I already forgot, that is how amazing it is…..

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3-1-14 Podcast

Tons of topics covered, Celebrity Deaths, Cars, Harold Ramis, Food, NFL rule, Ben & Jerry’s, Chickies n Petes, Jason Collins, Food, Sandwiches, Food, and the oscars

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Enter Our Giveaway!!!!

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2-22-14 Podcast

We Talk about angry drunk girls, sports, welfare, gay rights, and the terrible philadelphia “sterotypes” list, amongst other things. Check it out

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We have not only been submitted to itunes, but we are now on itunes. This is exciting, so exciting I ruined my underpants, “over” pants, my chair, and a little bit of the floor under the chair.


Click the link to subscribe, remember that each subscriber is owed 1 hug by at least 1 member of the show.

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We are getting there…

Since itunes is still “broken”, we are not there yet.  However you can find us on stitcher, subscribe and tell all of your friends! Link is below!

Listen to Stitcher

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Subscribe on itunes

Clicking this silly little link will add our podcast to your itunes, of course we are not in itunes yet but will be soon

Add to iTunes

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