4-19-14 Podcast

Today, we introduce yet another Mike to the podcast, yes we are all really named Mike. We discuss the obvious choice of song of the summer, pissing on your bathroom floor, and other glorious topics

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4-12-14 Podcast

We are fancy now, we have an intro and have eliminated the shitty audio issue. I would venture to say that we are now “produced” so thanks for being our guinea pigs, were getting there. We talk MORE Desean Jackson (only a little), wrestling, guilty pleasures, nostalgia, girl meets world, more NCAA shit, and a lot of other nonsense… enjoy

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4-5-14 Podcast

More Desean Jackson, Fanboys, Family Crisis, Letterman, Cauliflower Pizza, Diets, Working with Woman, Texas Rangers Statue, and buying a car at an auction.

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3-29-14 Podcast

We talk Desean Jackson, Miguel Cabrera, Paying College Players, and some other sports nonsense… and other non-sports crap. We also use actual microphones this episode, instead of talking to a laptop due to a broken mixer…

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Podcast 3-22-14

The “Friday night edition that is being posted on Saturday night containing 2 of the 3 Mikes” is now up and ready for your listening enjoyment. I am not going to tell you all that we talked about, you are just going to have to listen… We also may or may not give away a Million Dollar prize, so listen closely…

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Podcast 3-16-14

This week we discuss the meme I created, we give away our prize, discover where the Malaysia Airlines plane is, and ramble uselessly as usual

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Today, the NBA wins!


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