Dreaming about the Jersey Shore

We just randomly talk about the Jersey Shore(s) for a large part of this… good times.

Listen Here

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First Summer Podcast

The original 3 are back this week with another fantastic episode, and I announce my prediction for song of the summer. I imagine that this will be the first of 2 Episodes this weekend as I expect a drunk show to be recorded tomorrow night, but don’t wait for that one, listen to this one first 🙂

Click here to listen

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The Godlewski Invasion

Weird scheduling week, and ended up doing the podcast with 2 Godlewski’s we just finished and I don’t even remember what we talked about… but it was fun as fuck. Check it out

Also check out Andrew’s vine page… great follow and awesome videos –> Click here

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Mother’s Day Podcast

This really did not have a whole lot to do with mothers day, and 90% of the way through we realized that Mikey B’s mic was off… so you only really hear 2 of us and some of the time we are talking to dead air #Production. Enjoy.

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5-5-14 Podcast

New podcast is up, we talk about Donald Sterling, Road Raging, and other crap.

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Breakfast of Champions


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Podcast 4-27-14

New podcast is up, our ADD is in full effect as we had a long list of topics and maybe talked about 2 halves of one. Enjoy and tell all your friends

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4-19-14 Podcast

Today, we introduce yet another Mike to the podcast, yes we are all really named Mike. We discuss the obvious choice of song of the summer, pissing on your bathroom floor, and other glorious topics

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4-12-14 Podcast

We are fancy now, we have an intro and have eliminated the shitty audio issue. I would venture to say that we are now “produced” so thanks for being our guinea pigs, were getting there. We talk MORE Desean Jackson (only a little), wrestling, guilty pleasures, nostalgia, girl meets world, more NCAA shit, and a lot of other nonsense… enjoy

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4-5-14 Podcast

More Desean Jackson, Fanboys, Family Crisis, Letterman, Cauliflower Pizza, Diets, Working with Woman, Texas Rangers Statue, and buying a car at an auction.

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